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There is a campaign to sexualize minors

The Nov. 12 editorial titled “Book burning” mischaracterizes the issues involved in complaints raised by parents at school board meetings throughout the nation.

Much of the controversy arises from the insinuation into middle school libraries by unknown adults of materials which contain sexually explicit passages and images promoting homosexuality and “transgenderism” in a form so graphic that they are not permitted to be read aloud or displayed in school board meetings attended by adults.

There is a behind-the-scenes campaign to sexualize pre-pubescent minors and early teens by exposing them, without the knowledge and consent of their parents, to concepts and lifestyles that may not be conducive to their normal healthy maturation, specifically “grooming” them to prematurely engage in sexual activities and to be receptive to sexual exploitation by older individuals. If you doubt that there is a plan behind this sexual indoctrination campaign, Google: “Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids into LGBTQ Clubs.” It will be eye-opening.

There are valid objections to critical race theory based materials being introduced openly or camouflaged under other names characterizing white people as “oppressors” and darker skinned people as “oppressed.” This is poisonous Marxist propaganda intended to create racial division and further rip apart the fabric of our civil society. We cannot allow this false narrative to destroy the decades of progress in creating economic opportunities for people of all races. Today’s focus ought to be on providing better basic education for all.

Virgil Pulliam