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Time to make plans for 50th reunion

I was a paper boy for The Durango Herald in the late ’60s by the Sacred Heart church, and recall the sales training we received evenings with Bob, I believe his name was, a kind man.

I was Head Boy of the student body alongside Head Girl Shannon Perriman. That year, Jack Turner was the 1972-73 class president, Eloy Bellino was the student body vice president.

I invite students at Durango’s high schools to consider opening the time capsule, so to speak, reuniting students from the graduating classes of the ’70s and those from the ’20s living in the Durango area in 2022, which will be the class of 1972-73’s 50th anniversary.

Berry Betzold, one of our classmates, says he’ll volunteer, and I’m sure Greg Stilwell, Rod Barker, Darrell McCoy, Ben Breed, Mary, and Patricia (Pete) Ornelas and others will lend a hand when we give them a call. If anyone out there in Durango wishes to help, I suggest we try doing the reunion next summer in 2022, at what would be the start of our 50th anniversary, as at our ages, it’s best that we do things sooner than later.

After the Herald, I only had one other job in Denver before entrepreneurism took hold and I never worked another day in my life. We discovered at the Herald, that doing things you love isn’t work, it’s fun.

Love and best regards,

Leo Lobato-Kelly

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico