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‘Total disregard for foundational principles’

Having been a member of this community for more than 50 years, and having taught multiple generations (middle school, high school, college) for 43 years, I feel certain that my friends, acquaintances and former students fall all along the political spectrum, from activist liberals to right wing MAGA acolytes.

While these diverse viewpoints may rightly disagree on federal policy and programs, there are enduring truths that stitch our society together.

Honest and earnest disagreement have existed for many decades over such policy issues as taxes, federal assistance programs, border control issues and foreign aid.

Discussion, negotiation and compromise have been the hallmark of governing throughout most of our history.

But there are some bedrock principles and policies that I would hope my friends, acquaintances and former students could all agree that the former POTUS would dangerously discard.

From his promise to become a dictator to his willingness to execute his political enemies; his violation of the First Amendment by saying he’d shoot demonstrators; discarding the Constitution; using the military to suppress civil dissent; withdrawing from NATO; attacking the free press; politicizing education; condoning anti-Semitism and purging federal employees, he has shown total disregard for so many of the foundational principles this nation was built on.

I would hope that the residents of this community can see through this charlatan and overwhelmingly reject this candidate. Regardless of policy differences between residents of this community, the foundation of our government and society might not survive another term with this person in the White House.

Gene Orr