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Traffic cameras needed to stop red-light runners

We have lived in Durango for 27 years, and in the last couple of years, have noticed a huge increase in people running red lights.

Almost every day, when we drive down U.S. Highway 550 from 32nd Street to Home Depot, we see someone running a red light. The light usually has turned to red long before the offending vehicle has entered the intersection, and the vehicle is often traveling way over the speed limit.

One solution would be to install cameras at the intersections on the traffic light poles. These cameras can record the offender’s license plate and the system can send a ticket to them automatically. In two years, we have seen multiple infractions, and no police.

Traffic cameras would certainly help to stop this problem and the fines would help pay for the installation. Do nothing and there will unfortunately be a fatality when someone starts off into the intersection with the green light and gets T-boned. It is time to do something.

Thomas P. Berry