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Trump ‘cried, whined, blamed everyone but himself’

Finally, Donald Trump was convicted on a felony. After hundreds of felonies he has committed, courageous, strong women showed the world what Trump is made of.

This is the first time in Trump’s life that he was held responsible for one of his many crimes and he couldn’t handle it. He cried, whined and blamed everyone but himself.

He has always been bailed out of criminal situations by his lawyers and mindless yes men/women. It started with his father. When Donny whined that he didn’t want to go to Vietnam. That was for commoners, not chosen ones like himself. He proudly didn’t serve.

Now his pet congressmen, Mike Johnson and Jim Jordan, want a congressional hearing about that sham court ruling. What will they do when he is found guilty of stealing secret documents and pressuring Georgia officials to illegally declare that he won in that state? He was caught red-handed on both those crimes.

Many Trump supporters want a ruthless, hate-filled dictator to lead this country down the narrow path to glory again. Exclusion and intolerance of other people and their beliefs are paramount to this new world order.

Trump’s insanity fuels his hatreds.

Remember the song “Bobby McGee” and the line “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose?” Freedom is everything but it’s not guaranteed.

A win for Trump in November is a loss for America and our Democracy forever.

Tim Fleming

Bloomfield, New Mexico