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U.S. public education is the gold standard

Public education in the United States is the envy of the world. It is the primary reason our country is so successful.

Our system is designed to bring diverse socioeconomic groups and all religions together to study all aspects of academics, social-emotional learning and critical thinking. The point of it is to teach kids about things that they may not learn at home, eventually be able to make decisions for themselves about their own beliefs and develop thinking citizens who can contribute to our society.

The Supreme Court has addressed the role of parents several times (Wisconsin v. Yoder, Pierce v. Society of Sisters). The courts have found that parents have great authority in deciding how to raise and educate their children. But this right to do so does not mean that public schools must cater to parents’ ideas about education. Parents have the right to opt out of public education and go to private or religious schools or home-school their kids. But even all of these are regulated by the state with certain education requirements and standards set by the state department of education, not the local school board.

My own kids went through the 9-R system. Both graduated from Durango High School. Both attended tier one universities and graduated cum laude. The only way to get that designation is to have a high GPA for all semesters all four years. That means that both of my kids arrived at university fully prepared to do college level work well. Thank you DHS teachers!

Erica Max