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Udall supports reasonable federal policies, Gardner does not

U. S. Senator Mark Udall has been very busy in Washington, heading up a taskforce on earmark reform: "Earmarks are both a cause and a symptom of spending problems." He has promoted "pay-as-you-go" and the line-item veto. He fought to lower student loan rates. A senior member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, a long-time advocate for reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change, he agrees with the National Climate Assessment "that the evidence of human-induced climate change continues to strengthen.across the country.summers are longer and hotter.unusual heat lasts longer.winters are generally shorter and warmer.rain comes in heavier downpours."

He encourages homeowners living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) to follow mitigation guidelines because the drought, unhealthy forests and climate change enhance the possibility of wildland fires to turn into catastrophic mega-fires. Mark and Senator Bennet were physically there to help the Colorado flood victims this past fall.

Udall co-sponsored the Pay Check Fairness Act, leveling salaries in the work place and empowering women. This led Mark to found the Women's Policy Network, ensuring that Washington is aware of the need for equal pay for equal work, to secure federal resources for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in Colorado. (Opponent Cory Gardner opposes a minimum wage increase.)

The National Health Care Law, which Mark supports, gives women quality, affordable health coverage, makes it illegal to charge a women more because she is female, to deny her coverage because she is pregnant, in remission from breast cancer, a domestic violence survivor, or has any other "pre-existing" conditions.

Senator Udall does NOT support personhood starting at conception (as Cory Gardner does). He supports the national health care that allows free preventive care and birth control measures, while Gardner backs measures that would ban common forms of birth control.

Gardner supports the federal Life at Conception bill, giving a fertilized egg the same constitutional rights as an adult, outlaws all abortions with no exceptions, and bans common forms of birth control. This restricts women's rights and their access to health services.

Mark completely disagrees with this! Keep Mark Udall as our U.S. senator! He supports women, children and men!

Cherry Miloe

Forest Lakes