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Unite to replace Boebert

As voters consider whom to support in our upcoming Republican election, both Democrats and Republicans should consider who will best represent their positions on the issues most important to our community. If the “border” and “guns” are not the most salient issues for you, you may want to consider a candidate who supports our immediate concerns regarding the environment, water and energy, and improving infrastructure.

Voters, both Democrat and Republican, can cast votes in the upcoming primary that will determine which candidate will better represent our actual concerns, rather than embarrassing our state with immature grandstanding stunts and outrageous statements that turn into headlines.

Democrats can change to “unaffiliated” in order to cast their vote in the Republican primary, and support Don Coram. Don is an experienced and reasonable moderate, who would certainly represent our congressional district in a way that dignifies our electorate. He has worked for over a decade in the statehouse, and is known as one of the Capitol’s more moderate Republican with the ability to work with Democrats across the aisle.

As a registered Democrat, you can change affiliation by logging into the Colorado Secretary of State’s website and switch your registration from Democrat to unaffiliated. Once you vote in the primary on June 28, you can re-register as a Democrat at any time. Democrats in Congressional District 3 must unite in this effort to replace Lauren Boebert.

Karen Soltes