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‘Useless drivel, petty piety’

Single-use plastic grocery bag fees. It's all hoodwinking. Oddly, you can go into any large outlet and grab as many cases of water, bottled in plastic, wrapped in plastic – all single use – as you can fit in as many shopping carts as you can push. And no fees at check-out.

You can walk out of said store with 10 of pounds of single-use plastic and pay exactly zero fees for your polluting personality. In many states, you cannot get a plastic straw to plunge into your plastic bottle filled with cola-flavored high fructose corn syrup. These are just examples of the proof that stupid people vote for stupid people.

Stay home on Nov. 8. Your vote is not “saving the planet.” Your vote is encumbering your neighbors with your useless drivel and unkempt, petty piety.

Freddy Sraj