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Usual subjects are ‘cultural shepherds’

The rank smell of red herring, stuffed into pockets of straw men binging Orwellian Fox News to feed nativist diets, takes little scratching to sniff in recent letters to the editor in The Durango Herald and The Journal. Usual suspects opine.

First, the real issue of close calls with airplanes is discussed: With absolute obliviousness to irony, the writer leaps from known incidents to certainty of cause – “diversity, equity and inclusion.” Viola! Clearly the good old boy network never resulted in such unqualified hires. Blind? Yes. Colorblind? Not so much.

Next, our most reliable town crier of liberal bias laments the lose of Dilbert from our comics. This, along with a litany of other MAGA-manufactured cultural (non)issues, seems to keep him awake nights. No mention of his beloved Murdoch Empire admittedly lying about such insignificant trivialities as insurrection, free and fair elections, democracy itself. Liberal bias, my bum!

Finally, we hear about the “demented feeble old man” leading us to WWIII. Could she mean the experienced dude I watched “own the MAGAs” in a recent speech; the most working-class centric, productive president in a century; the guy who produced a budget that funds Medicare through 2050 and reduces the deficit by $2 trillion?

All this while fascist representatives strike matches to burn down the country; ready willing and able to default on incurred debts. But, hey! At least our kids won’t have to learn gay people exist! Me thinks our local “cultural shepherds” may be seeing a wolf.

Andy Corra