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Vallecito Slash Depot grateful to community

The summer, Vallecito Slash Depot has concluded another season with continued participation from Vallecito residents as they perform fire mitigation on their properties.

As a volunteer for many years, I would like to thank Ken Beck from Pine River Irrigation District for his forethought in purchasing an air curtain burner several years ago that has proved so valuable to our area. The slash depot would never have happened without the help of volunteer extraordinaire Marilyn McCord, who coordinates the dates, time, volunteers and gets the word out each summer.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who help collect donations, unload the cars, trucks, trailers and feed the ACB as much fuel as we can in a safe manner. A big thank you goes to McCarty Excavation for donating a backhoe and operator. An even bigger thank you goes to Justin McCarty for his monetary donation each year that allows us to continue to provide this service to the Vallecito community.

Suzanne Moyer