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Vote against Trump’s ‘corrupt influence’

In response to a recent letter about why “laws don’t apply to all equally?”

I refer the letter writer to the recent trial for assault that former President Donald Trump did not attend. Trump’s video deposition revealed his take on behaviors he finds acceptable for “a star” to engage in. He is feared because he became president by manipulating the insecurities of those that have little power over the forces of foreign and domestic wealth that would fashion a world that is ruled by an elite minority.

The letter writer was outraged that Trump be held accountable. “Lady Justice” is not blind, nor are the majority of citizens that have seen the damage Trump has wrought. Defending Trump defends inequality, racism, sexism, violence and the poisoning of democracy.

We fear Trump in a second reign of terror because he is seen as a dangerous continuation of a degraded America that we have endured at great cost to our standing in the world and the citizens who still hope to promote peace and goodwill as the model of behavior.

Trump cannot and will not promote the greatest good for the greatest number because like many autocrats in history, he operates on the false premise that humanity should be divided by “haves and have nots,” and that the wealth and power of the few should rule the lives of the many, by any means they can get away with.

Vote to disallow the corrupt influence of this dishonorable man on our nation.

Ellen J. Benson