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Vote Anderson for ‘safe, fair elections’

Take a moment to learn about Tina Peters, candidate for secretary of state. Peters, who in her position as Mesa county clerk and recorder, was indicted for multiple crimes, including tampering with voting equipment, official misconduct, contempt of court and obstruction. She took these actions to prove election fraud. This happened in a red county where virtually all the elected officials are Republican!

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel stated: “In general, The Daily Sentinel does not endorse in primary elections. But we are making an exception this year to endorse against the following: running with scissors, drinking Drano and voting for Tina Peters. She is a uniquely unqualified, incompetent and immoral candidate in the Republican race for secretary of state.”

Peters was removed from her duties as the designated election official in Mesa County by current Secretary of State Jena Griswold. The courts have upheld this action. Now Peters wants to be the next secretary of state.

Republicans and unaffiliated voters have a choice of candidates for secretary of state. There is one qualified candidate - Pamela Anderson. If you want safe and fair elections in Colorado, she should get your vote.

William Heller