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Vote for Paslay, Hill and Gulec

I’ve been going to the Durango School District 9-R school board meetings, and I’m discouraged. It’s because the community has had a limited voice in those meetings. They find all different ways to shut the people up in the audience and on Zoom. It feels like the gestapo when I attend the Durango meetings.

The reason why we need new school board members is because the math proficiency tests show that we rank at 30%. English is also at all-time low. We need to be involved and new school board members voted in. Be watching for your ballots; vote by Nov. 2. Vote for Kristina Paslay, Donna Gulec and Dean Hill.

Not everyone can go to college, we need vo-tech brought back and made available for the students. We need to stop teaching so much sex education for heaven’s sakes. Kids are very innocent and easily influenced. Get back to the reading, writing and arithmetic. Check the proficiency tests at the 9-R school system yourself. Parents need more control over the curriculum our children are taught.

I went to the Bayfield school board meeting on Sept. 28, at the request of a friend. What a difference. Anyone could talk and the number of speakers wasn’t limited like in Durango. They didn’t make you sign up 24 hours ahead like Durango, and you had a voice

We need to take control back at a local level if you want to see our children prosper.

Cathy Patterson