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Vote Tim Wheeler for LPEA board

Tim Wheeler is the incumbent running for the LPEA board of directors in District 4.

I am glad Tim has opted for another term as he has done as excellent job representing his constituents. Tim helped draft LPEA’s Strategic Goals, which did not exist before his term. In LPEA board meetings I count on Tim to ask the hard questions and give thoughtful, community-focused opinions. He’s been deeply involved as a director, serving as the board treasurer, the FastTrack board representative, and on the LPEA Broadband, Power Supply, and Finance and Audit Committees.

Even before Tim was elected, he kept abreast of issues the LPEA board was tackling. That is what we all hope for when choosing a director.

Before stepping up to run for this position, Tim was involved in our community as a business owner. He is largely responsible for the formation of Local First, which advocates for local businesses in the area. He had a hand in the birth of the Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency, which benefits many in the region.

You can thank Tim that local restaurants compost their food waste rather than trash it. He started doing it at the Coffee Company and others followed. You’ll often see him at City Council meetings making comments. All this goes to show that when Tim identifies a need in our community, he takes the next step to address it.

Tim Wheeler’s the one you want representing you on the LPEA board.

Lissa Ray