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Vote Tim Wheeler for LPEA District 4

Tim Wheeler has been an excellent LPEA director. I wholeheartedly endorse him and hope that other District 4 members will vote for him also. Not only does he have the members’ best interests in mind when he makes decisions, but he does his research and is very well-informed.

I’ve been involved in promoting FTTP (fiber to the premises), speaking frequently with the Broadband Committee on which Wheeler serves. Wheeler answers my emails with great detail and care. He understands the many benefits to the community FTTP offers, especially the economic gains. Wheeler is very community-minded and is forward-thinking.

If you want fiber to the premises to have a chance here, then you must vote for Wheeler. The Broadband Committee will be making its decision in August, so please let them know you support this project. One way is to sign the petition: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/lpea-broadband.

“If it’s not fiber, it’s not broadband.” There is a big difference between wireless and wired internet connections, especially fiber optic, which is the faster, safer and future-proof choice. You can get 1 gigabyte of high-quality internet (phone/TV also possible). Wireless takes 10 times the energy of wired connections. The telecom industry created the digital divide by fraudulently diverting customer fees from fiber to 5G development instead. We cannot trust them to put the public interest above their profits now. Publicly owned fiber will be affordable and give LPEA new options for the future.

Vote for Wheeler, he is the best choice!

Nancy Andover