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Vote with water in mind

Since I moved to La Plata County in 1980, we have been blessed with many elected representatives who worked very hard to enhance the livability for Southwest Colorado. Those elected include members from both political parties in our local governments as well as statewide. They have each done a very adequate job in standing up for our small corner of our state.

We have also had a great procession of folks elected to Congress and the U.S. Senate that have represented us on the national stage and from both parties. We currently have a major problem with our current congresswoman who has spent almost all of her short time focusing on the past. With the renegotiation of the Colorado River Compact coming up in just a couple of years, we need a highly capable person to look after Western Slope water interests.

The person to accomplish that critical need is Don Coram from Montrose. He has worked hard to pass legislation to benefit all of our citizens and not just a few. I urge all voters to support state Sen. Don Coram for Congress. With all of our reservoirs severely depleted, let’s keep western Colorado green. Our future depends on water.

Steve Parker