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Voters need to know about ‘Building Durango’s Future’

I have been reading with great interest about the Durango School District 9-R school board candidates, especially the slate “Building Durango’s Future.”

I would like to suggest that those who are able to vote listen to the podcast “Southlake,” in particular the final episode (No. 6). This episode discusses the May 1 school board election in which right-wing conservative candidates won. The post election hyperbole was that this election was only the beginning, that this anti-diversity training and anti-critical-race-theory sentiment would spread throughout the U.S., including blue areas.

This is exactly what is occurring in Durango, as this slate of candidates is being promoted by Marge Klein, who has been affiliated with Lauren Boebert. I feel that it is imperative that this information as to what is truly happening be made available to voters.

Pam Palmer