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We need to break the spell of The Big Lie

On Jan. 9, in The Sunday New York Times Magazine, there was an article about how brave officers from the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol invasion are now coping mentally and physically.

Other than many cases of traumatic brain injury and other ongoing issues, what struck me the most was about an officer, still on medical leave from foot operations, said that he knew Trump was primarily involved with the insurrection, yet he and his wife would vote for him again. Would you call on a babysitter caught on your home video physically abusing your children, again?

There are still so many of my neighbors, your neighbors and 70 million that voted Republican in the 2020 presidential election that are forever going to be convinced that Trump can do no wrong and should be back in The White House. If The Donald dodges charges here, there and everywhere, he might take over again. A handful of his clones could be successful as well.

The voting rights issue is at the top of the to-do list now. More, lots more, needs to be done to keep our country from becoming a dictatorship. Canada and other countries have the same uneasy feelings of where we are heading in a few short years.

Not easy to undue years of massive damages from an endless list. Wish little ole me could save the world, but we need a collective mind cleaning to break the spell and The Big Lie in my humble opinion.

Sally Florence