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We need to hear more from 9-R candidates

As someone new to the Durango area (no, not from California or Texas) and having school-age children, I am interested in the upcoming Durango School District 9-R elections. Not knowing much, I am researching all the candidates.

I am interested in knowing more about the Kristine Paslay, Richard “Dean” Hill and Donna Gulec ticket(s). I haven't found any information on how they plan to correct all the “failures” of the current board members. I don’t see any detailed plans, benchmarks or goals; just criticisms and emotional wording.

Also, I haven’t found their stances on masks, vaccinations, critical race theory and other hot topics.

What I have found on Facebook, especially by people supporting this group, is concerning, especially as a newcomer to Durango. A Facebook post by Gulec on Sept. 28 includes comments such as “the virus (COVID) doesn’t exist,” “Durango has become an epicenter for narcissist, commie atheists” and “liberal idiots who are too lazy to read the real research about the negative effects of masking and jabbing the kids.”

I can only assume that these candidates either agree with them or are OK being associated with these statements since the statements weren’t removed or rebutted.

Can Pasley, Hill and Gulec answer these questions and help me make a choice that fits my beliefs?

Kimberly Watkins