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Where is the real Grand Old Party?

Free speech is the backbone of democracy, but when Trump bleats his lies, he is harming this nation for his own gain. His loyal sheep will repeat these lies to others and to their children. These lies might be the downfall of America.

What happened to the Republicans of my father’s generation? The party of law and order, of morals and of kindness to all types of people. We all know it’s a fact that Trump lost fairly by a electoral landslide. Trump knows that his freedom may come to a end soon, so he is encouraging his storm troopers to protect him by feeding them the same great lie. If he keeps at his lies he will do more damage to this country then he has already done.

His actions killed people on Jan. 6. Where are the Republicans who believe in American values? Why don’t they tell Trump to shut up and start to rebuild the Grand Old Party again?

Does anyone think that if Trump really had won the election that he would have been kicked out of office? Of course not. He was the leader of a totally corrupt administration, and with their support he would have been named president for life.

Was it the devil or Trump who encouraged the invasion of the Capitol by traitors, cowards and Nazis?

Stop the lies. The truth will set you free, but lies that killed people will get you 10 to 20 in the slammer.

Tim Fleming

Bloomfield, N.M.