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Why does Buckley Park need ‘saving’?

According to a Herald article June 29, the Durango School District 9-R board accepted a letter of intent to sell the district’s Administration Building to the Durango Fire Protection District. The same article said that 9-R “is in negotiations to sell Buckley Park to the city to protect it as green space.” The article describes plans to remodel the building and demolish Big Picture High School, which is on the east side of the administration building. It doesn’t imply or state that Buckley Park is in danger of being “diminished” by the proposed sale.

Your editorial speculates that moving the fire department from its riverfront location is about selling the riverfront property and questions if the Administration Building is the best location for the fire department. This issue is addressed in the Facility Use and Purchase Proposal letter dated May 24, 2021. Chief Hal Doughty outlined the search process and the data that justifies choosing the school district property. Neither the article or the purchase proposal includes the police department in the proposed sale.

I am confused by your editorial. If Buckley Park is not in danger of being “diminished” by or sold to the fire department why does it need “saving?” I am concerned that keeping the fire department in its present location will result in slower response times and further increase traffic issues on Camino del Rio.

If there are legitimate concerns included in that editorial, please provide your readers with a series of articles that report on them.

Jo Ann Beegles