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Why not make a pill version of a COVID-19 vaccine?

Think about all of the U.S. government sponsored COVID-19 injectables that have a short shelf life once out of refrigeration and are thrown away because millions turn their nose up at getting a shot? I can only imagine, like you, how many millions of wasted government dollars in injectables are going down the toilet.

Why not make a COVID-19 pill with a long shelf life? Children under 12 should be able to get a COVID-19 pill specifically made for their age, weight and other considerations before they go back to school this fall. None of our K-12 students should have to go through the dally drill of getting their temperatures taken, wearing a mask, social distancing and all the other inconveniences none of us adults ever had to go through growing up.

Africa is talking about making COVID-19 injectables in 2022. Too little too late. China wants to take over diamond interests/other enrichments in Africa. How convenient it would be for China to take over Africa if millions die from COVID-19 in 2021.

We in the good ol’ USA need to get real soon or the variants are not only going to take down third-world nations, our own stubborn unvaccinated population will take take us all down as well.

Get the COVID-19 vaccine shot/pill made here and everywhere in the world. I am for birth control devices to be readily available everywhere, including poorer nations.

The humane way to keep us all safe is not to have a secret devious culling.

Sally Florence