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Courts and Crime

Woman arrested in Cortez after allegedly stabbing her father at his home

Allison Hamel is suspected of stabbing her father on Friday, June 7. (Courtesy Photo)
Woman banned from father’s home tried to climb in window

A woman was arrested June 7 after allegedly stabbing her father while trespassing at his home at 405 W. Seventh St. in Cortez, according to police.

Allison Janelle Hamel faces charges of aggravated assault in the first degree and criminal trespass after the confrontation with Clifton Goff.

Police were dispatched to the home about 9:55 a.m.

After officer Trevor Robertson of the Cortez Police Department arrived, he called out for residents, and a man who identified himself as Goff came out of the trailer with his shirt “saturated with blood from his chest down to his stomach.”

Robertson had Goff lie on the porch so that he could attend to the wound. Goff also had a cut on his left palm and little finger, and bubbles were appearing from his chest wound.

While Goff applied pressure to his chest, Robertson and officer Brady Veach found Hamel sitting in the doorway of her camper, which was parked near the Goff residence.

At first, Hamel refused to speak with the police, saying she would wait until her mother arrived, but she eventually told Robertson and Veach her side of the story.

Hamel said she wanted to shower in the trailer, but after finding the door locked, tried to enter through the living room window, not knowing that Goff was in the same room.

Hamel claimed that as she climbed through the window, Goff punched her in the head and slammed her into the wall by her hair, then choked her from behind. Hamel said she stabbed Goff in self-defense with the knife she carried in her pocket.

Robertson said Hamel had no bruises or marks to justify her story.

After police found the knife and took photos of the blood in the rooms of the home, they arrested Hamel.

After Goff was taken to the hospital, he told officers that Hamel was not allowed in his residence, but tries to come inside through the window. Hamel reportedly lives in the camper where she was found by police.

Goff’s injuries were classified by hospital staff as “serious bodily injury.”

Goff said he tried to block her from entering through the window, and after they started wrestling, Hamel stabbed him.

According to Robertson, there have been multiple altercations involving Goff and Hamel over the past few weeks.

The calls mainly regarded Goff locking Hamel and a minor out of his residence. Some parts of the police report were redacted because of the presence of a minor.

Hamel was arrested for first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, second-degree criminal trespass and child abuse. She is in the custody of the Montezuma County Detention Center.

She will appear in court for her return filing of charges on Tuesday, June 25 at 1:30 p.m.