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Women’s March not an all-inclusive event

I had a great time attending the Women’s March here in Durango. There was a fairly big turnout, both men and women came together for women’s rights – lots of high energy! It was great!

The more I marched alongside my sisters, the more I questioned: What is this march really about? My questions began when I witnessed multiple young ladies and women harass a fellow marcher for holding a “Mandated Vaccines Violate Bodily Autonomy” sign. These women were trying to block this marcher’s sign and even threatened her with physical violence because “she was not with them” and “they didn’t stand for that” as they tried to kick her out of the march.

Here I walked, confused as to how this sign wasn’t appropriate or tolerated, and even more confused at why these women were so hateful. Is it not her right, as a women or individual, to make a choice as to what goes or does not go into her body? Is it not her right to choose what medications go into her body, just as it is her right to choose what medical procedures, including abortion, she wants done to her body?

As a woman and believer in women’s rights, I was appalled to see such behavior and verbal attack on a fellow female marcher. It became clear to me in that moment, that this march was not an all-inclusive march for women’s rights. I support that young girl. Thank you for speaking out!

Sharon Bigsby