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Bente Birkeland
Position: Staff reporter

Officials weary as Mesa County election breach probe continues

DENVER (AP) – Mesa County has occupied an uncomfortable place in the national spotlight since last summer, when security information from the county’s voting machines was leaked to a right w...

Mesa County clerk fights to keep her job in new court filing

Embattled election official says her removal was an overreach by Colorado secretary of state

Lauren Boebert is becoming a big name in fundraising – for Democrats

Candidates, some who won’t even face her, use congresswoman as foil to bring in campaign cash

Colorado’s new law to restrict teen marijuana use faces legal challenge

The parents of a medical marijuana user in Colorado say a new law that aims to curb young people’s access to highly potent marijuana is unconstitutional. Nineteen-year-old Benjamin Wann uses...

Election of war veteran puts focus on wheelchair access at Colorado Capitol

Denver resident hopes changes made for him will improve accessibility for all

Gov. Polis says he’ll support new vaccination rules proposal

DENVER (AP) – A bill that aims to boost immunization rates and make it more difficult for parents in Colorado to opt their children out of vaccinations is expected to soon be introduced at t...

Colorado lawmakers: Toughen workplace harassment protections

DENVER – A proposal to rewrite Colorado’s rules for workplace harassment claims is expected to be introduced soon at the state Capitol. It would change things for employers by lim...

The clock is ticking for lawmakers at the Capitol

Democrats worry about fate of some priorities

Colorado lawmakers finally poised to act on workplace sexual harassment

The Colorado legislature will soon discuss broad changes to how it handles workplace harassment complaints at the state Capitol. Lawmakers had originally pledged to pass the changes by last ...

Colorado court rules that Democrats’ use of computers to accelerate the reading of a bill is unconstitutional

A Denver District Court Judge on Tuesday sided with Senate Republicans in their effort to slow down the pace of Democratic-backed legislation this session. The eight-page prelimin...

New GOP group thinks moderate rebranding is key to beat back Colorado’s blue wave

Still reeling from historic losses that put Democrats in charge of Colorado’s government, a group of current and former Republican state lawmakers say it’s time for a different strategy. The...

After years of simmering tug-of-war, Colorado Democrats eye action on oil and gas

Colorado’s new Democratic majority has vowed to make big changes to how companies drill for oil and gas. Tension between drillers and residents have bubbled for years and culminated in a fai...