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Bente Birkeland
Position: Staff reporter

Ethics investigation ordered into state senator who appeared intoxicated at meeting

Sen. Faith Winter has apologized, is seeking treatment

As session hits final days, Democrats push forward with gun bills

Nearly a dozen gun bills remain active, but opposition is stiff

‘Fake electors’ banned under new Colorado law

Gov. Jared Polis signed a new law to explicitly make it illegal to serve as a fake elector in future presidential elections in Colorado. Georgia, Nevada, and Michigan are prosecuting individ...

Ban on assault weapons clears Colorado House

A bill to ban the sale of so-called assault weapons in Colorado cleared the Democratic controlled House on Sunday. Under the legislation, businesses and individuals would no longer be able t...

Republican effort to impeach Colorado’s secretary of state fails

Jena Griswold argued former President Donald Trump should be disqualified from holding office again

Colorado Democratic Party begins steps to remove vice-chair who harassed lawmaker

A court recently granted a protective order to Rep. Leslie Herod over Sheena Kadi’s behavior

Colorado’s having a congressional vacancy election. How does that work?

Ronald Reagan was president and Michael Jackson’s song “Billie Jean” was at the top of the charts the last time Colorado held a special election for a vacant Congressional seat. The year was...

Trans rights bills advance in Colorado House

The Colorado House initially approved two bills related to transgender rights Friday afternoon. The bills still need a final vote before they go to the Senate. One of the measures aims to ma...

After getting dinged for lack of transparency, state lawmakers setting up new rules for themselves

Legislative leaders say they’re trying to clarify the line between informal conversations and official business.

Guns would be banned in variety of places in Colorado under new Democratic bill

Colorado gun owners would be barred from carrying firearms in a wide array of public places in the state, under a Democratic bill recently introduced at the state Capitol. Senate Bill 131 wo...

Trump eligibility case has brought new pressures and threats to Colorado’s election workers

As the U.S. Supreme prepares to consider the Colorado case that could disqualify former President Donald Trump from holding office again, the state’s elections officials are watching especia...

Colorado Democrats change House rules, making it harder to stall bill debates

Colorado House Democrats are changing legislative rules to try to tamp down on a delay tactic the minority party uses to slow down the work of the chamber. They want to ensure that when a la...