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Bill Roberts
Position: Staff reporter
Phone Number: (970), 375-4560

Bill Roberts: Excess lodgers tax revenue

City would get better answers by asking better questions

70 years of service to the community

Thinking about the 70th anniversary of Arthur and Morley Ballantine acquiring what became The Durango Herald, two things stand out: what they did and where they did it. Both were remarkable....

Bill Roberts: Dolphin program brings new perception

For more than 60 years, the U.S. Navy has used dolphins to detect underwater mines. It is a successful and cost-effective program that is now threatened by budget cuts. It is a threat made a...

Colorado River

The West’s water demands unwavering attention

Prioritize parking

‘Durango is not some urban planner’s dream’

High voter turnout answer to troubled times

La Plata County voters are responding to current events in a healthy fashion. Whether the goal is to preserve what is good or to change what is not, the most profound power in this country i...

Workforce housing

Why should taxpayers pay for this?

Homelessness not always about housing

Historically, right, left share blame in where we are today

Private investment good idea to curb immigration

Harris’ plan to create jobs in Central America has merit

Images of horror

Should we show what gunfire does to children?

Reasonable limits OK under 2nd Amendment

Texas tragedy makes clear we must do something

Alito’s ‘no mention’ reasoning

Leaked draft offers shaky standard on validity of rights