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Bill Roberts
Position: Staff reporter
Phone Number: (970), 375-4560

Reasonable limits OK under 2nd Amendment

Texas tragedy makes clear we must do something

Alito’s ‘no mention’ reasoning

Leaked draft offers shaky standard on validity of rights

Biden better than average

President handling thorny problems, nationally and globally

Local police officers won’t live here

McLachlan’s bill deserves support for law enforcement to reside out-of-state

Coach prayer case hinges on Roberts

Players’ choice to join in could mean time on field or getting benched

Restoring civility

Respectful discourse crucial to government

‘Enough is enough’

County clerks at forefront in battle for democracy

Lodgers tax revenue to benefit locals, too

Clear plan needed to reallocate county money for housing or anything else

Our View: Cortez Schools

Whatever the perceived problem, whitewashing history is not the answer

Our View: A Texas bridge

Maybe the U.S. should pay more attention to this hemisphere

Our View: Foreign and domestic

Bush rightly calls terrorists ‘children of the same foul spirit’