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Don Oliver
Position: Staff reporter

It’s spring, sort of

Here’s how to prepare for the tricky weather

Fly fish, eat, sleep times six

It has been a while since I have had to use my passport to go fly fishing. My friend and fly-fishing partner, John and I put a stop to that dilemma this past February. Usually John and I ch...

Being quiet and slowing down

Relax, take your time and nature will show its beauty

White river: Third time was the best

If you are not a regular reader of my columns, the title of this one is a tipoff that I’ve been known to repeat trips and then write about them as if this is all brand-new. Before I tell you...

The sound of silence

If everything is right, the sound of silence should be present.

Fishing in feeder streams

It’s a win-win situation in my book

A reunion on the Hermosa River

Some favorite spots are still in the altered Middle Fork

High, fast and deep

Adjusting to fish at record water levels

Measure twice, cut once

Or rather, check twice, then fish

Sometimes ya just gotta laugh

Fishing, and failing, in Belize

Staying safe and dry

Tips on fishing after a record snow pack

Two words: ‘Keep out’

Thoughts on fishing, navigating private property