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Don Oliver
Position: Staff reporter

Blast and cast

Visiting old friends, hunting dove and fly fishing in Texas

There’s more to fly fishing than catching

Just getting out can be rewarding

Articulation makes a good fly

Experimenting and finding realistic movements while fly fishing

Hooked on no hook

A fly fishing experiment with the hooks cut off

A return to civility and bonefish

Grand Bahamas starting to recover from Hurricane Dorian

Fish small area lakes for large amounts of fun

Depending on the lake, you can catch trout, bass, carp, panfish and catfish

Fishing gear needs spring cleaning too

A clean and organized vest can make the art of fly fishing go easier

Catching carp in the Arizona canal

Urban fishing in the Phoenix metro aided by a guide

Tips for a first-time buyer

Deciding where you’ll fly-fish is a good first step Let’s say someone near and dear to you gave you a shop-till-you-drop card redeemable at your local fly shop. The only problem, even though...

It was a good Christmas

Holidays and young generations offer hope for the future

Receiving and giving

A fly fisherman reflects on the past year

Hidden in plain sight

Old gravel pits now filled with trout