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Jason Blevins
Position: The Colorado Sun

Snow may not be piling up at Colorado ski resorts this season, but anxiety sure is

Coronavirus is still a worry, but now ski hill operators must wrestle with too few workers and not enough places to house the ones they’ve hired

Feds say COVID cost the outdoor recreation industry $156 billion in 2020. But did it really?

Annual analysis shows a 19.5% decline, but that includes losses outside the industry

Colorado’s 2020-21 avalanche season was tied for deadliest. It’s helping forecasters hone warnings.

Slides killed 37 backcountry travelers last winter in U.S., including 12 in Colorado

Colorado governor urges board to reconsider naming mountain ‘Mestaa’ėhehe’

Gov. Jared Polis said ‘dots and dashes’ made it hard to pronounce

Colorado ski resorts are in an uphill battle for workers amid the historic labor shortage

‘Help wanted’ ads outnumber ‘for rent’ listings in communities enduring housing, worker shortages

Monarch Pass could serve as a new model for wildfire mitigation in treacherous areas

About 90% of the tall spruce in the area have been killed by beetles

Colorado ski resort offers a $49+ chance to skip the lift line, triggering a skier backlash

U.S. senator calls on Powdr to kill the program

When people die recreating, sometimes friends are the ones to find them

Civilian-led rescues have recovered fallen comrades in Colorado’s backcountry

Should river towns be forced to build costly parks to get recreational water rights?

Nonprofit argues communities should be able to protect rapids without building features

Colorado Supreme Court declines to hear case challenging ski areas’ use of waivers to avoid lawsuits

Woman injured by chairlift says no other industry in state is granted blanket immunity

A new strategy in the season ski pass war: medical insurance policies

Telluride passes will cover up to $25,000 in medical bills

La Plata County joins others in asking for investigation into state tax official

Ethics complaints from mountain counties spur probe of state Division of Property Taxation