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Jennifer Brown
Position: The Colorado Sun

Colorado legislation takes ‘galloping step’ toward horse slaughter ban

The Senate Agriculture Committee passed a weaker version of the original bill that’s intended to protect horses during transport

Colorado horses are slaughtered abroad for food. A new bill could shut down the industry.

Investigation follows horses from auctions to slaughterhouses, where they are exported for consumption

Juvenile violent crime is rising in Colorado

Researchers are looking into the link between violent crime and teenagers spending more time virtually connected but physically alone

Polis says his plan to bus migrants out of Denver is ‘night and day’ compared with GOP governors

The monthlong flood of migrants to Denver has cost more than $1.4 million so far

Colorado becomes second state to legalize ‘magic mushrooms’

Proposition 122 allows ‘healing centers’ to administer drug in supervised setting

Colorado voters divided on proposal to legalize ‘magic mushrooms,’ other natural psychedelic drugs

Proposition 122, which would allow healing centers where people could consume psilocybin mushrooms, leads in voting

Proposition 122: Colorado voters will decide whether to legalize magic mushrooms

The measure would allow for the creation of natural medicine healing centers where people could use psychedelic mushrooms.

Denver homeless program struggles to reduce death rates

DENVER (AP) – When people who had been homeless for years moved off the Denver streets and into apartments, they were far less likely to end up in hospital emergency rooms or get locked up i...

Colorado mushroom forays, improved by monsoons, are becoming more popular

Colorado Mycological Society has experienced a boost in membership in recent years

More than 400 wild horses captured in first week of helicopter roundup

BLM effort has drawn criticism from politicians, advocacy groups; feds say mustangs at risk of starvation

Helicopter roundup in western Colorado aims to capture 750 wild horses in next month

Mustang advocates say herding in 100-degree heat is inhumane; BLM says grazing conditions are getting worse

Colorado wolf attacks continue; rancher fights for compensation, and hazing fails

Walden rancher says he’s lost three calves. He’s tried wild burros, fox lights, flags and cracker shells