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Jesse Paul
Position: The Colorado Sun

Colorado Supreme Court struggles with whether the U.S. Constitution’s ‘insurrection clause’ applies to presidents

If the clause does apply to presidents, Donald Trump could be barred from appearing on Colorado’s Republican presidential primary ballot next year

Kent Thiry’s proposal to overhaul Colorado’s election system has Democrats and Republicans skeptical

The opposition runs the gamut, from concerns about unfairness to people with disabilities to questions about how the change would benefit wealthy candidates

Colorado task force charged with finding a long-term property tax solution won’t include people behind 2024 ballot measures

Lawmakers are trying to come up with a fix after Proposition HH failed in the November election. But conservatives, liberals and businesses are offering their own solutions

Joe Biden is coming to Colorado this week

Biden will attend a fundraiser in Denver and visit the world’s largest wind turbine tower manufacturing plant in Pueblo

Support for Proposition HH began eroding the moment the Colorado property tax relief plan was introduced

That weak foundation was reflected in how voters rejected Proposition HH, a 10-year property tax relief and state spending overhaul, by an 18 percentage-point margin last week

Judge denies effort to block enforcement of Colorado’s 3-day wait on gun purchases

The law was challenged by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a hard-line gun rights group in the state

Colorado voters approve sending millions more to universal preschool program

Proposition II was approved by a wide margin Tuesday

Colorado secretary of state’s robocall reminding millions of voters to cast their ballots cost $50,000

The call comes after Jena Griswold faced criticism last year when her office spent more than $1 million to run a TV ad featuring her and former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a Republican, in the months leading up to the 2022 election

Group supporting Proposition HH launches $1 million ad blitz as Election Day nears

A late infusion of cash to Property Tax Relief Now made the spending possible, but the groups opposing the ballot measure have still raised and spent more money

Jared Polis vows to veto bill authorizing sites where people could use illicit drugs and be revived if they overdose

The governor’s opposition effectively means the so-called overdose prevention centers won’t be allowed in Colorado until at least after his term ends in January 2027

Police officers who responded to Jan. 6 riot testify at first day of trial in lawsuit aiming to block Trump from Colorado’s primary ballot

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat, also testified in Denver District Court in a case that is part of a national effort to block the former president form running for reelection

Colorado GOP requires presidential candidates pay up to $40,000 to appear on the state’s 2024 primary ballot

Democratic and Republican parties in other states also force presidential candidates to pony up to appear on their primary ballots, but it doesn’t seem to have been imposed in Colorado in at least a decade