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Jesse Paul
Position: The Colorado Sun

Colorado is expected to return $2.7 billion to taxpayers

If the Legislature doesn’t act, the TABOR surplus will be returned through checks tied to taxpayers’ income levels

Adam Frisch nearly unseated Lauren Boebert last year. In one big way, 2024 could be harder

The former Aspen city councilman will have more name recognition, but he won’t have the element of surprise

Colorado law makes it very difficult and financially perilous to sue the gun industry

Democrats are poised to roll back the state’s extra protections against lawsuits for gun manufacturers and sellers

Adam Frisch will run again to unseat Lauren Boebert in 2024

Race is likely to be one of nation’s most closely watched 2024 congressional contests

Tracey Bernett’s mileage reimbursements were early indication of her falsified residency

Boulder County Democrat didn’t report fewer miles traveled after purportedly moving

Former Colorado state rep pleads guilty to criminal charges after lying about her residence

The Boulder County Democrat resigned after winning reelection in November

Colorado regulators are tripping as they prepare to roll out ‘magic’ mushroom legalization

State agency warned lawmakers in January that it is not prepared to handle passage of Proposition 122

John Hickenlooper quietly convenes Colorado River Basin senators to discuss water woes

Hickenlooper said the caucus looks to formalize itself with a chair and subchairs from the upper and lower Colorado River Basin

Budget writers fine Colorado Mesa University for exceeding tuition cap

Legislature told the state’s colleges and universities they couldn’t raise tuition for any in-state undergraduate students by more than 2%

Democrats in Colorado’s legislature want a ban on so-called assault weapons

Gov. Polis may not be on board with bill defining assault weapon and the penalties for procuring or possessing one

Colorado voters may be asked to forgo their future TABOR refunds so the state can boost school funding

Two Democrats in the legislature plan to introduce a bill eliminating future Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights Refunds

Two handguns stolen from truck outside Colorado Capitol

Incoming GOP state representative says both guns were unloaded and secured with trigger locks