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Luke Perkins
Position: Staff reporter

Colorado bill to increase price of hunting, fishing licenses dies in committee

Opponents cite concerns over late introduction of bill

Construction defects reform clears the Legislature

Sponsors hope it will jumpstart construction of condominiums

Deal reached at Colorado Capitol to save hospitals from millions in cuts

Regional providers to lose $4 million if last-minute measure fails to pass

Colorado Parks and Wildlife could seek new funding avenues

Could lead to special sales taxes or new fees

Second go at ‘sanctuary city’ legislation dies in committee

Sponsor says a citizen-initiated ballot measure may be in the works

Colorado’s first Public Lands Day to be celebrated this year

Hickenlooper signs proclamation to recognize value of lands

Colorado lawmakers pass go on ‘rolling coal’ crackdown bill

Will create a $100 fine for nuisance exhaust displays

Colorado’s $28.3 billion budget clears the legislature

Lawmakers still working to avoid cuts to hospitals

Last-minute fix for Colorado roads clears Senate committee

Measure likely to fail once it reaches House

Construction defects reform bill clears Senate committee

Sponsors hope it will thaw condo market

GOP kills Trump inspired tax return disclosure bill

Would have required making tax returns public to get on state ballot

Bill to prevent federal violations of Colorado constitutional rights dies

Effort undermined by amendments changing intent of measure