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Michael Booth
Position: The Colorado Sun

Colorado could ban sale of gas-powered mowers and blowers beginning in 2025

Such a move would be a way to get real ozone cuts by 2026, when EPA demands kick in

Four Colorado mountain lions died from avian flu, but mammal crossover has slowed

Bobcats, skunks, foxes and a bear have all died of the bird disease, but state wildlife officials say trends are better now

EPA’s new PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ could have implications for Colorado

Fed agency issues long-awaited mandatory drinking water caps for the toxic chemical

EPA blames Utah for Colorado ozone pollution

Federal agency won’t approve Utah’s clean air plans until they stop violating “good neighbor” rules

Colorado’s air pollution permitting process may get stricter

Lawmakers, environmental groups say state agencies move too slow while ozone violations pile up

Insurance companies may let Coloradans replace broken gas appliances with electric models

A bill in the legislature proposes home warranty owners be allowed to make the switch.

Upper Colorado River states land $125 million for pilot conservation program amid drought crisis

The major expansion of a previous experiment will be one of Colorado’s biggest contributions to emergency use cuts on the troubled waterway

Colorado avian flu spreads to a black bear and mountain lion, raising fears of broader reach

The bird disease has wiped out millions of domestic chickens and thousands of wild waterfowl, but is now crossing over into other animals.

A Colorado mountain town’s water may become some of the priciest in Colorado

The state tells Ouray its ancient spring has been infiltrated and now needs $12 million in new filtration

As gas car sales drop, how many electric vehicles did Colorado buy in 2022?

Overall market is down, but the state adopts cleaner electrics and hybrids at a pace that makes leaders happy

More “forever chemicals” found in Colorado and U.S. freshwater fish, study warns

PFAS levels in locally caught fish are “staggeringly high” according to the Environmental Working Group researchers A single serving of freshwater fish can deliver as much PFAS “forever chem...

Billion-dollar climate disasters rise with drought in Colorado, the American West

NOAA report details growing total of weather and climate chaos biting deep into U.S. economy