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Peter Marcus
Position: Staff reporter
Phone Number: (720), 891-8280

Darryl Glenn says he is the leader needed in U.S. Senate

DENVER – Republican Darryl Glenn is running for U.S. Senate because he is worried about the future for his two daughters. Glenn sees national security as perhaps the greatest conc...

Libertarian Senate candidate worried about loss of freedoms

DENVER – Libertarian Lily Tang Williams is drawing upon her background as a Chinese immigrant in running for U.S. Senate in Colorado. Having left the communist country for a diffe...

Green Party candidate compelled to run for U.S. Senate

DENVER – Green Party candidate Arn Menconi is running for U.S. Senate because he is tired of what campaign money has done to politics. “I’ve been trying my best as an activist to ...

Bennet pledges to chip at D.C. dysfunction if re-elected

DENVER – Democrat Michael Bennet is hoping for another six years in the U.S. Senate to continue to chip away at the “dysfunction” in Washington, D.C. It might seem odd for a memb...

Proposition 108 would open state, local primaries to unaffiliated voters

DENVER – Colorado voters are being asked to allow unaffiliated voters to participate in non-presidential primary elections. The statutory Proposition 108 question reads, “Shall th...

Proposition would create a presidential primary

Ballot item comes after chaotic March caucuses

Amendment 71 would make amending state constitution more difficult

Colorado voters are being asked to make it harder to amend the state constitution. The constitutional Amendment 71 question – known as Raise the Bar – asks, “Shall there be an ame...

Trump stops in Colorado, but he doesn’t meet with Darryl Glenn

U.S. Senate candidate says he will still vote for GOP candidate

Tobacco tax hike dollars would go to health programs

Opponents say changing formula would be difficult

Amendment 70 seeks to gradually raise minimum wage

Voters asked to raise the floor to $12 an hour by 2020

Ellen Roberts resigns from state Senate

Durango lawmaker to focus on family after 10 years in Legislature

Special interest mailers add heat to House District 59 race

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