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Position: Staff reporter

Cleaner Earth: Healing ozone hole, less smog, more eagles

With climate change, plastic pollution and a potential sixth mass extinction, humanity has made some incredible messes in the world. But when people, political factions and nations have pul...

NOAA: Potent heat-trapping methane increases at record pace

Global atmospheric levels of the potent but short-lived greenhouse gas methane increased a record amount last year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday, worrying scientists because of the large role methane has in climate change.

West megadrought worsens to driest in at least 1,200 years

The American West’s megadrought deepened so much last year that it is now the driest in at least 1,200 years and is a worst-case climate change scenario playing out live, a new study finds.

Deadly extreme weather year for U.S. as carbon emissions soar

The United States staggered through a steady onslaught of deadly billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in an extra hot 2021, while the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions last year jump...

Q&A: La Nina’s back and it's not good for parts of the dry West

For the second consecutive year, the world heads into a new La Niña weather event. This would tend to dry out parts of an already parched and fiery American West and boost an already busy At...

Numbers explain how and why West bakes, burns and dries out

The American West is baking, burning and drying in intertwined extreme weather. Four sets of numbers explain how bad it is now, while several others explain why it got this bad. The West is ...

Grim western fire season starts much drier than record 2020

As bad as last year’s record-shattering fire season was, the western U.S. starts this year’s in even worse shape. The soil in the West is record dry for this time of year. In much of the re...

When is new forecast really new?

WASHINGTON – Before the first snow fell, U.S. meteorologists realized there was a good chance the late-winter storm wasn’t going to produce giant snow totals in big Northeast cities as predi...

Shriveling heat

Global warming could cause some mammals to shrink in size

So, what’s on the menu?

New study of Neanderthals’ teeth shows more varied diet than thought

Climate change taking toll on ocean life

Study shows global warming hurting major hot spots for fish species

50,000-year-old microbes found in crystals in cave

BOSTON – In a Mexican cave system so beautiful and hot that it is called both Fairyland and hell, scientists have discovered life trapped in crystals that could be 50,000 years old. ...