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Position: Staff reporter

Climate change taking toll on ocean life

Study shows global warming hurting major hot spots for fish species

50,000-year-old microbes found in crystals in cave

BOSTON – In a Mexican cave system so beautiful and hot that it is called both Fairyland and hell, scientists have discovered life trapped in crystals that could be 50,000 years old. ...

Weak La Niña fades away after just four months

WASHINGTON – La Niña, we hardly knew ye. U.S. weather forecasters said Thursday the cool flip side to the climate phenomenon El Niño has faded away. The La Niña episode...

Primates may be facing extinction

WASHINGTON – Gorillas, monkeys, lemurs and other primates are in danger of becoming extinct, and scientists say it’s our fault that our closest living relatives are in trouble, a new interna...

‘Fairy circles’ may not be so magical

Theory suggests termites, plant life may create intricate patterns

Climate change will bring mild surprise

Global warming will steal 10 picture-perfect days each year, study finds

Rising temps raising cost of U.S. disasters

WASHINGTON – With steamy nights, sticky days and torrential downpours, last year went down as one of the warmest and wildest weather years on record in the United States. The Nati...

Arctic sea ice continues retreat

WASHINGTON – Though this is when the Arctic is supposed to be refreezing, scientists say sea ice there hit record low levels for November. In the crucial Barents Sea, the amount of floating ...

Warming to open tap for downpours

Study says extreme storms will happen more frequently

The heat is on to keep setting new records

WASHINGTON – The United States is already setting twice as many daily heat records as cold records, but a new study predicts that will get a lot more lopsided as man-made climate change wors...

Study shows growing threat to sea ice

New report links emissions to thawing in Arctic region

Coldest place in the solar system? Right nearby

Astronomers: It's on the moon