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Position: Staff reporter

Study shows growing threat to sea ice

New report links emissions to thawing in Arctic region

Coldest place in the solar system? Right nearby

Astronomers: It's on the moon

Early cosmic crash sets off hot debate

Researchers believe space rock caused global warming 56 million years ago

Long, hot summer is one for records

2016 weather disasters caused $50B in losses

Bigger sea species more threatened

Extinctions are hitting larger animals harder, study finds

Americans will foot bill to fight warming

Poll finds support for higher fees

Louisiana flooding tied to global warming

Study: Climate change raised odds of heavy rains

Scientists excited by Earth-like neighbor

Possible habitable planet found in a galaxy not so far away

Global warming divides Americans more than abortion

Climate change ‘more politically polarizing’

Global warming has America divided

WASHINGTON – Tempers are rising in America, along with the temperatures. Two decades ago, the issue of climate change wasn’t as contentious. The leading U.S. Senate proponent of t...

Here’s one really long fish tale

Greenland shark may have lived as long as 400 years

Greenland shark now oldest living animal with backbone

WASHINGTON – In the cold waters of the Arctic, a denizen of the deep lurked for centuries. Now scientists calculate that this female Greenland shark was the Earth’s oldest living animal with...