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Position: Staff reporter

Here’s one really long fish tale

Greenland shark may have lived as long as 400 years

Greenland shark now oldest living animal with backbone

WASHINGTON – In the cold waters of the Arctic, a denizen of the deep lurked for centuries. Now scientists calculate that this female Greenland shark was the Earth’s oldest living animal with...

‘Merciless’ heat, humidity sticks to nearly all of U.S.

Above-normal temperatures expected across nation for next 3 months

Scientists tune in to second cosmic clash

Find suggests black holes are colliding often

Research casts cloud on warming theory

Discovery suggests temperatures of Earth may rise more slowly

Engineered foods: Safe but not satisfying

Board says genetically modified crops aren’t reducing hunger

Climate change fueling wildfire threat

Drier weather will mean more major fires, experts warn

Study raises alarms about coral reefs

WASHINGTON – Seawater – increasingly acidic because of global warming – is eating away the limestone framework for the coral reef of the upper Florida Keys, according to a new study. It’s so...

Earth’s hot streak continues for a record 11 months

WASHINGTON – Earth’s record monthly heat streak has hit 11 months in a row – a record in itself. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday that March’s...

Climate change is shaking up the planet

Melting ice sheets are shifting how Earth wobbles on its axis

Study heats up sea level concerns

Antarctica ice melt may cause oceans to rise faster than thought

A better twist on tornadoes?

System may help forecasters provide earlier warnings of deadly twisters