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Position: Staff reporter

Study: Air pollution kills 3.3 million worldwide, may double

WASHINGTON – Air pollution is killing 3.3 million people a year worldwide, according to a new study that includes this surprise: Farming plays a large role in smog and soot deaths in industr...

Earth’s trees are truly branching out

Study shows there are 3 trillion of them on the planet now

This octopus species is a real odd sucker

Oddball sea creature shares some of the same mating, social habits as humans

July was hottest month for Earth on record

WASHINGTON – Earth just keeps getting hotter. July was the planet’s warmest month on record, smashing old marks, U.S. weather officials said. And it’s almost a dead certain lock t...

Experts: Big El Niño may not end drought

But officials expect current one to be huge

Air pollution killing 4,000 in China a day, U.S. study finds

WASHINGTON – Air pollution is killing about 4,000 people in China a day, accounting for 1 in 6 premature deaths in the world’s most populous country, a new study finds. Physicists...

Astronauts get taste of space-grown lettuce

WASHINGTON – These are the salad days of scientific research on the International Space Station. On Monday, for the first time, astronauts munched on red romaine lettuce that they grew in sp...

Clear skies expected for Perseids shower

WASHINGTON – Want to wish upon a shooting star? The skies over the United States are likely to cooperate for a meteor shower overnight Wednesday. Astronomers say the lack of moonl...

U.S. carbon pollution from power plants hits 27-year low

WASHINGTON – Heat-trapping pollution from U.S. power plants hit a 27-year low in April, the Department of Energy announced Wednesday. A big factor was the long-term shift from coa...

Hunting isn’t the biggest problem for the king of the jungle

WASHINGTON – The circle of life is closing in on the king of the jungle. When Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion, the Internet exploded with outrage. But scient...

Climate report suggests planet is ‘gravely ill’

WASHINGTON – In their annual, detailed physical of Earth’s climate, scientists say the world is in increasingly hot and rising water. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administ...

Age impacts science views

Analysis shows generation gap is wide on some issues