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Position: Staff reporter

Large honeybee die-off sounds ecological alarm

Beekeepers lose 42% of colonies in U.S.

Hot times are ahead of us

Migration trends mean global warming will impact more people

Study: Global warming to push 1 in 13 species to extinction

WASHINGTON – Global warming will eventually push 1 out of every 13 species on Earth into extinction, a new study projects. It won’t quite be as bad in North America, where only 1 ...

Study blames global warming for 75 percent of very hot days

WASHINGTON – If you find yourself sweating out a day that is monstrously hot, chances are you can blame humanity. A new report links three out of four such days to man’s effects on climate. ...

Study links swarm of quakes in Texas to natural gas drilling

WASHINGTON – With real-time monitors, scientists have linked a swarm of small earthquakes west of Fort Worth, Texas, to nearby natural gas wells and wastewater injection. In 84 da...

Strong solar storm may bring problems

WASHINGTON – A severe solar storm smacked Earth with a surprisingly big geomagnetic jolt Tuesday, potentially affecting power grids and GPS tracking while pushing the colorful northern light...

Google AI program is game for learning

New software teaches itself how to beat many Atari games

Winter weather both toasty and cold: A tale of 2 nations

WASHINGTON – It may be hard to believe for a country that’s shivering from Maine to Miami, but 2015 has gotten off to a rather toasty start. Last month was the second warmest Janu...

Is fracking causing small earthquakes?

How wastewater is injected, geology are some determinants

West will get hotter, drier

Decades-long ‘megadroughts’ predicted for region

Values vs. facts

Wide divide between what public, scientists think

Poll shows giant gap between what public, scientists think

WASHINGTON – The American public and U.S. scientists are light-years apart on science issues. And 98 percent of surveyed scientists say it’s a problem that we don’t know what they’re talking...