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Shannon Mullane
Position: Herald Staff Writer
Phone Number: (970), 375-4584

Colorado faces a water-stressed future. Here’s how the state uses its existing supply

Colorado’s cities, industries and farms will face increasing water shortages as temperature climb and depending on how the state responds

Colorado River Basin states stake out positions on the future of Mead, Powell reservoirs

Basin states continue to disagree on how to change the reservoirs’ operations, but they do agree that the current rules don’t work

Why is Lake Powell so important to the Colorado River? Here’s what you need to know.

The massive lake acts like a savings bank for water users, but the account balance is low enough to make officials from across the West nervous

40 million people share the shrinking Colorado River. Here’s how that water gets divvied up

Everything you wanted to know about the Colorado River but were afraid to ask

Lorelei Cloud is first-ever tribal member on Colorado’s top water board

Cloud, a Southern Ute tribal member, breaks down her ideas on water issues, basin tensions and possible collaborations

What Colorado water officials think of the federal government’s proposed Colorado River cuts

State water agencies say the onus is on Lower Basin states to carve a path forward

Colorado River Basin reservoirs still face grim outlook despite healthy snowpack

Winter snow accumulation offers water officials a breather as they face the basin’s long-term drought

Program to cut Colorado River water use shuffles forward

Plan is a key strategy in the Upper Basin’s plan to conserve water and help replenish reservoirs and rivers in the Colorado River Basin

Healthy snowpack promises to offer some relief for strained water supplies

Colorado’s statewide snowpack is above average weeks ahead of normal seasonal peak

Colorado representative, senators want $60B to reduce fire risk, restore Western land

The Protect the West Act is sponsored by Sens. Bennet and Hickenlooper and Rep. Jason Crow

State office aims to address crimes against Indigenous people

Director says the office is moving as fast as it can, but needs the help of law enforcement

Retired Mercy physicians call out Centura Health for high staff turnover at hospital

Medical center’s leadership outlines staffing issues, future solutions