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Georgia Landeryou
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Tyler Brown
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David Albright
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Christian Burney
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Celebrate local independent business on Independence Day

As we celebrate the anniversary of our national independence, it’s also a good time to celebrate how local independent businesses contribute to the strength of our communities. In forming a ...

What is your vision for our community?

“Without a vision, the people will perish” is a proverb as true today as in ancient times. We are fortunate that many people and organizations in our community have articulated visions for t...

Move your money to invest in your community

April is Move Your Money Month. That means putting your money in a bank that invests in your community. The money you deposit in a bank doesn’t sit in a vault. It goes to work where the bank...

Being a localist means fighting for fairness

The localist movement grew from a recognition that a globalist economy dominated by large multinational corporations does not always benefit consumers and our communities. Weak antitrust enf...

Locals supporting locals – An idea to embrace this holiday season

A few weeks ago, I read a Letter to the Editor in The Durango Herald questioning the almost fanatic adoration that many Durangoans hold for our little neck of the woods, especially as compar...

A quest for purpose: How pro cyclist became Durango jeweler

‘No one’s going to come save you … It’s your job to make it better.’

Do you know your farmer?

I grew up in a rural part of northwest New Jersey and remember summers spent “grocery shopping” at Godlewsky’s Farm like it was yesterday. As kids, I remember my mom would load us in the bac...

Membership in organizations matters

I fondly remember my first membership to an organization. I was 10 and saved up money from babysitting and my allowance. It was the 1980s and before the internet was readily available, so a...

The Power of Local

By Doug McCarthy, Healthcare Advocate, Local First I was recently asked what I love about La Plata County. In addition to the amazing outdoor recreation opportunities we enjoy, I am delighte...

Winery moves into former Irish Embassy basement in Durango

Business offers eight homemade wines

Farmington Makers Market winds up with major turnout

Southwest Apple and Chile Fest closes arts and crafts season

Corralling health care costs

Health insurance is something we don’t like to think about until we need it. And then we want it to pay for what we need. Unfortunately, life is a lot more complicated than that. Health insu...