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Tyler Brown
Position: Herald Staff Writer
David Albright
Position: Herald Staff Writer
Christian Burney
Position: Herald Staff Writer

Membership in organizations matters

I fondly remember my first membership to an organization. I was 10 and saved up money from babysitting and my allowance. It was the 1980s and before the internet was readily available, so a...

The Power of Local

By Doug McCarthy, Healthcare Advocate, Local First I was recently asked what I love about La Plata County. In addition to the amazing outdoor recreation opportunities we enjoy, I am delighte...

Winery moves into former Irish Embassy basement in Durango

Business offers eight homemade wines

Farmington Makers Market winds up with major turnout

Southwest Apple and Chile Fest closes arts and crafts season

Corralling health care costs

Health insurance is something we don’t like to think about until we need it. And then we want it to pay for what we need. Unfortunately, life is a lot more complicated than that. Health insu...

It’s Indie Week

It is Independent’s Week. For most, that means celebrating the founding of the United States, but here at Local First, it also means celebrating our local, independently-owned businesses. W...

La Plata Impact Fund driven by local businesses

When local business owner Jonny Radding approached Local First Foundation about launching the La Plata Impact Fund, he had just finished reading the book “Let My People Go Surfing,” written ...

Parking a top concern as public comments on designs for Main Avenue

Study to examine space supply citywide

It’s time to move your money

When most of us think about living the “local first” way, we envision shopping at one of our favorite local retailers, visiting the farmers market for fresh produce from a nearby farm or cho...

A healthy, wealthy and wise community

In the La Plata County Community Needs Assessment report focused on access to health care (completed in June 2019), 85% of respondents were dissatisfied to extremely dissatisfied with health...

Minicozzi returning to Durango

These days, many of us are thinking about the uncertainty of the future – I know I am. The past two years have put the reality of uncertainty on display in a way that can’t be ignored. We ar...

Small business soul revival and the new movement of moving

In 2003, I made my first trip to Durango with then boyfriend and now husband, Bobby. He had been coming to Durango since 1993 and couldn’t wait to show me this rugged mountainous beauty and ...