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Blast and cast

Visiting old friends, hunting dove and fly fishing in Texas

There’s more to fly fishing than catching

Just getting out can be rewarding

Hooked on no hook

A fly fishing experiment with the hooks cut off

A return to civility and bonefish

Grand Bahamas starting to recover from Hurricane Dorian

Fish small area lakes for large amounts of fun

Depending on the lake, you can catch trout, bass, carp, panfish and catfish

Fishing gear needs spring cleaning too

A clean and organized vest can make the art of fly fishing go easier

Receiving and giving

A fly fisherman reflects on the past year

The wait was worth it

Remember when waiting for Christmas morning to arrive seemed like it took an eternity. You hoped that long package was a new bamboo fly rod or the small package held the keys to a new bass ...

Road trip reinstated

Last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, “She Who Must Be Obeyed” (SWMBO) and I had to cancel our annual spring road trip. This year, the virus wasn’t so rampant, and we had received both...

It’s here – spring, that is

This column is really for those who are new to fly fishing, been doing it fewer than two years, or like me, can’t remember what you had for dinner last night. It’s about what to do to get re...

Gumbo, Dixie Beer and Redfish

If you are familiar with the south, you know from the title I was in Louisiana. Louisiana, similar to other Gulf Coast states, is known for many things. But I think the gumbo, beer and redfi...

Looks and nudges on the Animas River

The high country is snowed-in, the Southern Ute Reservation and the San Juan River are closed, the lakes are icing over; the Animas is our fall-back. And, frankly, it is a good fall-back. ...