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Co-op process unnecessarily disrupted

As a member/owner of Durango Natural Foods, I wanted to offer my perspective regarding the recent upset. I am not offering an opinion about content because, due to the disruption of the process by certain employees, I have lost the opportunity to fully hear the proposal. I offer my thoughts as a former internal consultant for a large nonprofit organization.

The purpose of a board of directors, in part, is to explore avenues the board feels will benefit the organization. There are specific steps that should be followed when an “illumination” is being developed to give it an opportunity to be fleshed out.

In this case, as I understand it, the board, for the purposes of transparency invited some of the management to the “think-tank” process. I believe this was a healthy decision. However, when a proposal is not yet complete and has not yet been fully formed or delivered to members, it is wholly inappropriate for anyone on the team to broadcast their personal opinions.

Co-op bylaws require any change to be brought to the membership for the purposes of discussion. This creates opportunity for questions to be asked and answered and for a vote to be made. That is the time people can speak about how they feel the proposal may positively or negatively affect our co-op.

To hack the email distribution list and send personal emails either for or against whatever proposal is, in my perspective, unprofessional and personally offensive. I feel quite capable (or would have if the process was not sabotaged) of making my own decision once the details were made public. If the positive financial health and great shopping experience of the current co-op is any reflection of the current board, I would like a chance to hear from them.

Jordan Blank


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