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1,000+ responses 'not consensus’

To expand on previous letters to the editor about the historic Main Avenue redo, 1,000-plus responses to the questionnaire from a voting population of 13,000-plus in the city does not a consensus make. This historic Main Avenue is not like the main streets in Cortez or Farmington, where your proposed "improvements" have been made. We have a unique downtown Main Avenue that has functioned well for 140-plus years.

As far as the temporary store bump-outs are concerned, they certainly are not appealing to the historic Main Avenue atmosphere. Hopefully, the pandemic is on the wane and so should the store bump-outs.

Lastly, the City Council should tackle decades-long undone improvements such as paving the remaining unpaved alleys in the city, installing sidewalks where there never were any and building a parking structure. Once that housecleaning is done, then the City Council should think of new ways to spend our tax dollars.

Gerald Weis