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Abortion decision just removed feds

It’s worth pointing out that Gov. Jared Polis and the Democrats have proudly made abortion something that can be done up to the moment of birth in Colorado. You don’t see many of our leftist news outlets reporting that because they know it’s not a good look for Democrats to have that particular bragging point.

Our news outlets don’t point out that the recent Dobbs v. Jackson decision simply removed the federal government from the abortion topic: The federal government cannot by law interfere with any matters other than the ones outlined in the Constitution.

For that same reason, Sen. Lindsey Graham’s call to restrict abortions to 15 weeks (European countries limit abortions after 12 to 14 weeks) is doomed to fail for the same reason abortions are not in the Constitution, despite various attempts to “infer” the rights or restrictions to abortions.

Abortions are now where they should have been back in the hands of the states and our state, now run by Democrats, has ruled that abortions can be done right up to the moment of birth.

As a pro-choice voter, I just shrug. It’s a law by our democratically elected legislators. The fact that Democrats knew that Roe v. Wade was an improper legal decision and yet accepted it is a reflection of the character of Democrats.

Mike Sigman