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‘Boebert good’ for CD-3

Lauren Boebert is good for the 3rd Congressional District and the United States.

The Democrats have nothing to offer. Their policies are a disaster.

Open borders: Since President Biden took office, 3 million illegal aliens have entered the U.S. He refuses to enforce our laws, only allowing this disaster to continue.

These illegals are sent all over the U.S., putting pressure on our local governments, education, health services and law enforcement.

The great problem with the open border is the increase in human trafficking and fentanyl.

Boebert is strong on border security, and will to fight to get the wall finished and enforce our laws.

Inflation: Our out-of-control inflation is due to out-of-control spending by bad Democratic policies. Inflation is a cruel tax on the lower-income earner and people on fixed incomes. The rich can handle it.

Boebert is a strong fiscal conservative and will not support the out-of-control Democratic spending.

Land management: Boebert has introduced the 30 x 30 Termination Act that will put a stop to the land grab introduced by Democrats, which is negatively affecting ranchers and farmers.

Forest management: Boebert has introduced Active Forest Management legislation that will work to remove the 6 billion dead trees in our forests that are a fire hazard. This is common-sense legislation.

Energy: The Democratic policies and over regulation have severely hurt our oil and gas industry, and have added to the rising gas prices.

Vote for Boebert in our upcoming primary June 28.

Gerry Cuca